Computers Are Everywhere

Almost everyone uses a computer. According to the 2003 US Census Report, 175 million people use a computer every day, including 60 million children. While computers enable us to be more efficient and more productive, this can come at a price: Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Typical symptoms include:

  • Eyestrain Headaches
  • Slow focusing
  • Tired, burning eyes
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Blurred vision at distance


Why Does CVS Occur?

The human vision system is not designed for long hours of computer viewing. Display images are made up of pixels—tiny dots of light on which our eyes cannot focus accurately.


The Solution:

Just as computer technology has evolved, lenses for viewing computers have improved tremendously. “Office” lenses are new technology lenses designed for computer use. Overall, “Office” lenses offer significant advantages over older designs such as single vision, bifocals, trifocals, or general purpose progressives. While “Office” lenses are primarily intended for computer use, they work great for anyone requiring clear intermediate and near vision, such as musicians, seamstresses, mechanics, and many others.

Office Desk

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